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Cannabis 101 Reviews:

“If you want to know everything about cannabis, this is the course you want to take. The Highly Educated takes the insights, info and talents of bud tenders to create a course where you can learn everything (literally everything) about our plant. They are the creme of the crop and have official CannaWrite endorsement for outstanding content in cannabis”
– Anne-Marie

“Cannabis 101 EDU was more than just a history lesson on cannabis. The beautiful people behind this course broke down each part of the plant from a little seedling all the way to a matured flower. I can say this course has personally helped me in my everyday work life to help explain the benefits of CBD to my customers”

“I just finished the plant life cycle section and it’s inspired me to become a grower. Just reading the process makes me want to move somewhere legal so I can begin my own grow!”
– Erin

“It’s been so educational and I can’t wait to keep learning! I am so grateful I found your page and online courses!” – Sarah

“I love the break down of everything before just diving right in so it will be more understandable when speaking on different topics”
– Caroline

Social Media Management Reviews:

“I really found value in the Youtube/Weedtube info you shared. It’s sparked me to get my videos streaming on Youtube and I’ve made a page specifically for my business on Facebook and I’m just so excited to give it its won entity. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and offering such value.”
– Meg

“In the very beginning, you covered things I wasn’t aware of. Starting my own edible company, Instagram has been a huge source for me and I so appreciate the heads up and insight, because I obviously want to avoid getting shut down and losing my progress at all costs. I’m so busy with so many other things I don’t have the time to do research on social media – so I’m very pleased that it’s already streamlined, very user friendly and very encouraging”
– Kristen

Coaching Reviews:

“I have definitely benefited from working with The Highly Educated on my social media. Winston was able to address things I wouldn’t have thought about one and she is extremely personable. Thank you The Highly Educated!”
– Darren

“They created an entire tailor made course for my specific needs and made quizzes for me to fully understand the content. It was engaging, fun and the team is so easy to work with”
– Franklin