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We give insight into the most important aspects of cannabis and the industry itself. Whether you want to be a blogger, budtender, dispensary manager, or your own business owner, our courses have the information you need to succeed!

We Provide Professional

Welcome to The Highly Educated! We are a group of dedicated cannabis activists, writers, and educators who have been a part of the legal industry for years. We all have held a special spot for cannabis in our hearts and we believe cannabis has medicinal value beyond what we now know.

Our Courses Have The Information You Need To Succeed!

In this day and age, with Instagram and so many other sources of information, it can be hard to tell what is real and what is not. Sifting through all the information is difficult enough, so we have done the work for you and created tailored classes with up to date information that is reliable and dependable. We don’t believe in creating a course and updating it once a year, we believe in updating in REAL TIME. Whenever there is a new scientific discovery, or if you take our regulatory courses, whenever a new law pops up, we will have the most up to date information available for you to access at any time.

How It All Works

Each course has been reviewed by our colleagues in all departments, from business management and regulation management to cultivation, we make sure that each course is as thoroughly studied as possible. Each class contains infographics, comment sections, quizzes, and videos! The classes are intuitive and very easy to follow.

Step One

Decide if further education is for you! Are you ready to dedicated a large portion of your time to learning more about cannabis? Do you have the time to comment and be a part of the community? Is expanding your education and knowledge a priority for you?

Step Two

Great! You want to continue your education with The Highly Educated. Now its time to figure out which course will be best for you and your needs!

Step Three

We have courses for both individuals and businesses. Are you an entrepreneur and just starting out? Are you already a well established business looking to reinvigorate and dive deeper into cannabis knowledge? If you’re an individual then the classes for regulations wouldn’t be for you, but our Cannabis Education course would be perfect and visa versa.

Step Four

Now that you’ve picked out which course works best for you, you can either pay in full or choose a payment plan. We have made our course accessible to all budgets! Now, have fun learning! We’re excited you’re here!

Cannabis Education and Dispensary & Budtender Training

We will make sure you learn all there is to know about the plant, from anatomical science to leadership in a dispensary. You’ll leave The Highly Educated with the knowledge you need to start a career in the cannabis industry and we’ll save you years of personal research, because trust us, we’ve been researching this plant for a long time! This is more than just an online course–this is a lifestyle change and a community of like-minded people who are choosing to change their lives through unconventional education.

"Find your market. Solve a problem. Educate yourself. Yes, there is money in cannabis, but if that’s your only focus, you will not succeed. Passion is a must have in this industry, it sets you apart."

— Winston Boney, The Highly Educated CEO
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The education you will receive through The Highly Educated is so in-depth that we guarantee it will help your business grow, set you apart, and inspire others to learn more about this plant. We are giving you the tools to expand your knowledge about cannabis and expand your market. These courses will help guide you through this emerging and new industry, and we’ll be there every step of the way to answer your questions. We are also giving you the tools to engage within the community, share stories, and share your thoughts. We foster a community of entrepreneurs, parents, teachers, small business owners, and anyone else who is curious about learning more about cannabis!

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